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Cultural Interaction

Safari camps and eco lodges are essentially small villages comprising staff and guests. The intimate nature of the setting facilitates a great degree of interaction, and guests have the possibility to learn a lot about local culture from their hosts. But it's not quite the same as actually visiting an African village and meeting the people in their own environment.

Most safari camps are located in very remote wilderness areas, miles and miles away from any human habitation. There are, however, certain camps that are close enough to a rural settlements to be able to offer the opportunity to visit a village, accompanied by a guide, and meet the local people to learn about their way of life. This is inevitably a mutually beneficial arrangement - guests receive personal and authentic insight into rural African culture, while the village receives financial support from the safari camp for projects such as schools, clinics, wells, etc.

Cultural interaction may take other forms as well. Some eco lodges offer expertly guided excursions to learn about ancient San rock art, and marvel at some of the world's most mysterious and important petroglyphs. Others offer on site lectures at significant historic sites in South Africa, providing unrivaled insight into the long and tumultuous process that led to the creation of one of the world's youngest and most diverse democracies. In one way or another, safari camps and eco lodges offering cultural interaction provide guests the opportunity for hands-on learning about southern Africa's rich cultural heritage.

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