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Travel Planning

The Namib Desert - Travel Planning | Luxury African Safari Tours | Classic Africa

Planning a trip to "Safari Africa" can be rather overwhelming, and even frustrating. The continent is so rich in highlights, with such an array of options for destinations and accommodation, that it is very difficult to know where to start. One of the major aims of this website is to assist travelers through the process, starting at the broadest level and working down to specific details.

The first step is to develop a sense for which features are of most interest, and how you might like to balance your time and budget between "safari" (wildlife) and "non-safari" (scenic and cultural) aspects of the African safari experience - our Exploring Safari Africa section is designed to provide an overview of major attractions, and aid in drawing up and prioritizing a "wish list" for your African safari experience.

Since decisions relating to safari are some of the most important in designing an itinerary, we have dedicated a whole section of the website (Safari Options) to covering safari considerations such as when, where, custom versus scheduled, how long, etc.  

For more specific details on the logistics and costs of travel to "Safari Africa", three pages will be of interest. The Scheduled Safaris page covers our select portfolio of pre-arranged safari packages, while the Safari Cost Comparison and Sample Itineraries provide cost analysis and example itineraries for custom travel planning.  

While a logical progression through these various pages will provide ideas for your safari and help to focus your thoughts, nothing beats a person-to-person conversation with a seasoned expert who can answer questions, and offer informed and objective advice. There are numerous factors to weigh up when planning a trip to Africa, but years of experience have taught us that just 15-20 minutes on the phone is a great way for us to frame the options and give you a better understanding of the considerations; simultaneously we can get more insight into your interests, constraints, and priorities so that we can send you further information accordingly. We are based in the State of Connecticut, and our toll-free number is 888.227.8311. We look forward to helping you create your perfect African safari!

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