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Flying over the Namib Desert - Safari Options | Luxury African Safari Vacations | Classic Africa

So, you have decided to experience the magic of safari, what next? The array of choices facing the visitor to Africa can be quite bewildering. With so many highlights across the region, and so many destinations and properties to choose from, it's difficult to know where to start. A significant proportion of our clients are experienced global travelers who are accustomed to making all their own travel arrangements; when it comes to Africa though, they appreciate the value of expert guidance and assistance.

Through years of experience helping literally thousands of clients create African safaris we have developed a framework of analysis to help walk our clients through the decision making process. The four fundamental questions are:

  • Where to go on safari?
  • When to go on safari?
  • How long to be on safari?
  • How to go on safari (custom or scheduled safari, level of luxury)?

Another very common question is "How much will it cost"? For "scheduled safaris", the answer to this question is simple because the safari has a fixed itinerary and a set price. For custom safaris the cost is a factor of "when", "where", and "how long" and, where appropriate, budgetary considerations will be discussed under each of the main questions. Two other pages on this site that are helpful in getting a sense for the cost of a custom safari are our Safari Cost Comparison and Sample Itineraries.

Creating the perfect safari is an art, not a science, and there is no mathematical formula that will lead you to the right decisions. This section of our website is not intended to replace the invaluable personal and interactive conversations that we have with our clients, it is simply a supplement to help arrange your thoughts and get you pointed in the right direction. We look forward to actually speaking in person to answer questions and help you create your perfect safari!

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