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Singita Kwitonda

Perched on the foothills between Mounts Gahinga and Sabyinyo, Singita Kwitonda is a luxurious and sophisticated base from which explorers with discerning taste can enjoy one of Africa's most unique wildlife experiences - an "up close and personal" encounter with mountain gorillas.


Set on private land adjoining the Volcanoes National Park, Singita  Kwitonda is an exclusive enclave in conveniently close proximity to the Park Headquarters, where trekkers meet each morning before venturing out in search of the gentle giants of the forest. At the end of your trek, return to be pampered in the privacy of your sumptuous chalet - enjoy an in-room massage, relax in your heated plunge pool, or cuddle up next to a crackling fire. 

Boasting breathtaking views of the Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura volcanoes and surrounded by high-altitude forests,


Singita Kwitonda is a celebration of Rwandan culture with its woven ceilings and hand-fired terracotta brickwork crafted by local artisan creating layers of textures and colors. The communal space is designed to promote a flow between the interior and exterior and includes a convivial fire pit, interactive kitchen, bar-deli and wine cellar. Kwitonda’s farm-to-table food journey celebrates Rwandese cuisine and fresh produce from the on-site garden.


Eight contemporary suites (as well as a private four-bedroom villa – Kataza House) are linked by volcanic rock pathways to the central lodge. Each suite features a cozy sitting area warmed by a fireplace, a private heated plunge pool, indoor and outdoor fireplaces and large timber-framed windows that welcome the forest views inside. A spacious bathroom with a soaking tub, indoor shower and glass-enclosed outdoor shower, private terrace with a fireplace and heated plunge pool encourages closer engagement with the surrounding landscape.



Volcanoes National Park has a well-earned reputation as Africa's top gorilla destination, with an unprecedented success rate for gorilla encounters and world-class lodging options. Singita Kwitonda exemplifies the gracious living, fine dining, and exquisite service for which the Singita brand has become famous, and is a natural fit for a country (Rwanda) that is striving to be the most upscale travel destination in Africa.   


Conservation Dimension

Rwanda’s natural resources are under pressure from population growth. 12 million people live within its borders in an area the size of Maryland, and the ever-increasing numbers are creating environmental challenges such as deforestation, habitat transformation, overgrazing and soil erosion. Aligned with its mission to preserve Africa’s most vulnerable landscapes for future generations, Singita’s primary motivation for operating in Rwanda is to play a role in the conservation of critically endangered mountain gorillas and their natural habitat. The presence of Kwitonda Lodge on the park border, along with Singita’s intention to rehabilitate this land, will improve the effectiveness of the buffer zone between agricultural land and the endangered mountain gorillas inhabiting the Rwandan sector of this spectacular afro-montane forest.

Singita’s approach to conservation encapsulates an interdependent relationship among three critical components: Biodiversity, Community & Sustainability. Focusing on biodiversity conservation, wildlife management, meaningful community partnerships, a commitment to sustainability and treading lightly on the Earth, Singita’s strategic partnerships with non-profit Funds & Trusts help to protect unique ecosystems, recover critically endangered species, benefit neighboring communities and contribute positively to the reduction of emissions through stringent climate commitments. For example, Kwitonda has worked closely with neighboring communities to restore previously forested areas that were cleared as former dairy pastures around Volcanoes National Park. The reforestation and rewilding of this area with indigenous plant species provide a critical buffer zone between agricultural lands and the unique rainforests of the Park – Africa’s oldest protected area. Also, within a year of the lodge opening in 2019 over 250,000 tree saplings – sourced from local community nurseries – have been replanted across the property, 60,000 propogated at the onsite Akarabo Nursery. The plantings are regularly monitored and guests are invited to leave a lasting legacy by visiting the nursery and planting trees on the property as part of the ongoing reforestation program. In addition, the establishment of a comprehensive collection of indigenous orchids from the region is set to leave a lasting legacy. It showcases the delicate beauty and fragility of rare species and aims to play a key role in the re-establishment of endemic orchids in their natural habitats in this sensitive jungle region. In addition, the One Planet sustainability framework which supports all of Singita’s operations was extended to the construction of the lodge. Fundamental to the ethos is treading lightly on the land; a conservation philosophy which includes sourcing local materials as much as possible, minimizing waste, saving water and conserving energy.

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