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Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is located on a vast private concession (over a million acres in size) bordering Namibia's iconic Skeleton Coast National Park. This is one of the most beautiful and diverse areas in southern Africa, and represents a microcosm of the Namib Desert with everything from roaring dunes to ochre mountains, oases to desert elephants, and as lonely and desolate a stretch of coastline as exists anywhere on earth. 

Luxury Namibia Safaris - Desert Elephants at Hoanib Skeleton CoastThe Skeleton Coast Park is one of our planet's most inhospitable, but hauntingly beautiful places - it is wild, desolate and uninhabited by humans. Sporadic fresh water springs permeate through barren sands to create desert oases that sustain pockets of thriving wildlife - springbok, oryx,  desert elephants, ostrich, jackal, brown hyena , and even cheetah and lion eke out an existence in this rugged terrain, along with unusual vegetation such as the ancient welwitschia plant.


Luxury Skeleton Coast Safaris - Open Lounge Area at Hoanib in NamibiaHoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is scenically located in a broad valley at the confluence of the Hoanib River’s two main tributaries, overlooking an active waterhole. The camp’s architecture achieves a seamless aesthetic in its adaptation to the desert landscape. Soaring canvas shade cloth, the color of sand, stretches in peaks and valleys over stilts set on wooden decking to house an indoor dining, bar and living area.  A large contemporary fireplace adds warmth and a cozy ambiance on chilly desert evenings, while an adjacent swimming pool provides the perfect contrast to the stunning arid starkness beyond. 


Hoanib Camp Guest Tent - Luxury Namibia Safaris

The camp’s eight rooms are spacious and modern in style, sensitively designed to maximize the comfort of their occupants while unobtrusively complementing the camp’s overall design. Colors are neutral and natural linen and flax provide textural interest, while rattan, weathered logs and chrome accent the minimalist character of the space.  En suite facilities provide a shower with a magnificent view, and the living space is further enhanced with a shaded well-furnished deck. 



Skeleton Coast Game Drives - Luxury Namibia SafarisStraddling two very contrasting ecosystems, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp offers guests unique insight into the stunning biodiversity of the Namib Desert. Game-drives to the interior in specially-adapted vehicles reveal the majesty of Damaraland's mountains, and a surprising abundance of wildlife along the dry Hoanib River. The Hoanib's subterranean aquifers sustain one of the largest desert elephant populations in Namibia, and giraffe, oryx, and springbuck occur in good numbers. These prey species in turn attract predators, including the incredibly rare desert lions for which the area is famous.


Wreckage on the Skeleton Coast - Luxury Namibia SafarisGuests spending three or more nights at the camp are also treated to a scenic fly-in excursion to the infamous Skeleton Coast. The barren, wind-swept plains and towering dunes that comprise this fabled stretch of coastline are strewn with whale carcasses, ship wrecks (ancient and modern), and even plane wrecks, attesting to the coast's fickle and unforgiving nature. Vast seal colonies and huge flocks of pelagic birds feast in the rich waters, and provide scant sustenance for rare brown hyenas, and opportunistic jackals.   




The Skeleton Coast is one of southern Africa's hidden gems. It's remoteness and inaccessibility keep it off the beaten-track for most visitors to the region, but those who make it to this isolated wilderness area are treated to an experience as unique as it is diverse.  





Conservation Dimension

Luxury Skeleton Coast Safaris - Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp in Namibia


Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is a joint venture between Wilderness Safaris (southern Africa's leading camp operator) and the surrounding rural communities of Anabeb, Torra, and Sesfontein. In keeping with its very fragile environment, the camp is 100% solar powered, and utilizes state-of-the-art water management technology; it is also completely removable, without a trace of human presence.

Lion Conservation at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp - Luxury Namibia SafarisThe camp is home base for the legendary Dr. Flip Stander and his Desert Lion Conservation program. Flip and his team have spent years monitoring the Skeleton Coast ‘s vulnerable lion population, and working with local communities to develop and implement human-lion conflict management plans. Guests at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp have the opportunity to learn about this critical conservation program, and possibly meet the researchers (when they are in camp).

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