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Conservation and Community News


Successful translocation of rhino in Zimbabwe


The recent translocation of black rhino from the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve into Gonarezhou (Zimbabwe's second-largest national park) undertaken by The Malilangwe Trust and Gonarezhou Conservation Trust – is cause for celebration. The project has been in the pipeline since 2013 and the translocation is aimed at re-establishing a new viable rhino population. As one of the most threatened mammals on earth, the black rhino requires targeted conservation efforts to support its survival.


The logistics for translocating one-ton-plus mega herbivores is multi-faceted – from animal selection, to capture, transition and finally release. A carefully orchestrated operation consists of synchronized ground and air teams – veterinary specialists, scouts, security personnel and pilots – who dart and transport the selected rhino to their new home. Thereafter, a transition period in a boma allows the rhino to acclimatize to their new surroundings before their final release.

Guests at Singita Pamushana can learn more about this exciting project and experience its success firsthand. Video footage can be seen here.

Elewana ambassador Pie Aerts raises over a Million $ through Prints for Wildlife

Prints for Wildlife has raised USD$1.094.400 through this year's sales, bringing the total sum raised so far through the organization to USD$1.75 million over two years. This makes PFW the largest photographic print fundraiser for wildlife conservation in the history of mankind. Founder Pie Aerts Comments "Wow! I am still pinching myself and I have to admit - it was pretty scary to openly communicate 1 million as our fundraising target for this year's campaign. But you have to risk it to get the biscuit! It is truly the most rewarding thing to witness something that started as an idea now take a global stage. It shows that dreams are never too big as long as you keep making small steps towards them. I am forever grateful for everyone that contributed to realizing this dream, all 175+ photographers as well as thousands of people around the globe purchasing prints. Together we are a force!" 

Kenya's Elephant Population increases by 12% in Seven Years

The National Wildlife Census 2021 carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife has published a positive outlook for Kenya's elephant population. The national elephant population has increased from 32,214 elephants in 2014 to the current population of 36,169 in 2021. This represents a 12% population increase over seven years which is testament to the productive anti-poaching efforts by government and conservation partners.


Tembo Plains, the Place of Elephants

Zimbabwe's Tembo Plains is up and running! The camp is set in the 280,000 acre Sapi Private Reserve along the Zambezi River, east of Mana Pools, an area that was formerly heavily hunted and severely degraded. After four years of dedicated rehabilitation, protection, and gentle care, wildlife has returned, filtering in from the surrounding areas. Plans are afoot to reintroduce black rhinos, additional elephants, and a range of other wildlife species – all of which form part of a massive repopulation program. There is a major global thrust to protect 30% of the planet by 2030, something that Great Plains Conservation is partnering on and subscribing to wholeheartedly in its efforts at Tembo Plains.

Carbon Footprint Updates


Committed to preserving the environment in which it operates, and for future generations to enjoy, Azura Retreats on Benguerra Island, Mozambique, has signed the Global Carbon Neutral Pledge. Efforts are currently underway to install a 400 kW solar plant with 3,200 m2 of solar panels to feed an array of Tesla battery banks, taking electricity generation to carbon neutral.





For more than two decades, Grootbos in Gansbaai, South Africa, has been actively conserving the pristine wilderness it calls home. The property is constantly researching, innovating and pioneering novel solutions to fundamental sustainability challenges – in order to transform the lives of community members as well as preserve 2,500 hectares of botanical and wildlife treasures. Grootbos currently operates with a negative carbon footprint.

Great Plains and Trees for Africa


In order to limit rising global temperatures to 1.5 degrees by 2050, experts predict that an additional 1 billion hectares of trees are needed to absorb carbon dioxide. We are currently losing a football field piece of rain forest per minute somewhere in the world!




In an effort to mitigate this impact, Great Plains Conservation has re-engaged Dr. Michele Hofmyer as its resident environment botanist to design a rewilding, replanting, and carbon offset program in-house. In addition, Paul Kamau, an indigenous tree expert who runs Great Plains' entire tree planting program in Kenya will lead Maasai Mara Tree Walks for guests from Mara Plains Camp and Mara Nyika Camp, introducing them to species such as the Warbugia Ugandanesis, a stunning tree with alleged magical powers and medical cures for aches and pains, toothaches, and even malaria. In addition, Paul has begun sharing his passion with schools and communities, beginning a "Green Wave" of tree planting throughout Kenya.

Loisaba Countdown to Welcome Back Rhinos Begins



The Loisaba Conservancy in Kenya (home to Loisaba Tented Camp) is planning to break ground next month on the first stage of fencing that will pave the way for rhinos to return to the conservancy after a 50 year hiatus. This pivotal conservation partnership includes the Loisaba Conservancy, Kenya Wildlife Services, the Nature Conservancy and the San Diego Zoo.






Record number of rhino calves born in Lewa

The Lewa Conservancy, also in Kenya and home to Kifaru House, continues to lead the way in rhino conservation with another successive year of record-breaking births with 24 rhino calves, bringing the total number of rhinos in the conservancy to 238. With the success of the Rhino Conservation Program comes an increased need for security, tracking, research, habitat management, and additional vital resources. The poaching threats are ever present and Lewa's teams remain committed to ensuring that rhinos and other critically endangered species, remain safe and can thrive for generations to come.

The Zambezi Film Fellowship

The world has become accustomed to consuming African film and television through a western lens. The Nature Environment Wildlife Filmmakers Congress (NEWF) and the Zambezi Wildlife Fund (ZWT) have come together as advocates for change, collaborating to create the Zambezi Film Fellowship, a project that aims to bring film and television content curated by African people to international audiences.




Together the NEWF and ZWT aim to transform the nature, wildlife and conservation film and television industry while also contributing towards a connected network of African story-tellers advocating for the protection of Africa's natural habitats and landscapes.





The first candidate to be selected for participation in the Zambezi Film Fellowship is Mainala Silondwe. After studying video production and digital storytelling in Cape Town, she was selected for Multichoice's flagship program - the Multichoice Talent Factory. In 2019 she graduated top of her class and was awarded a workshop in directing at the New York Film Academy. Her impressive training and experience include scripting, producing, directing, filming, and editing in both fiction and non-fiction productions.



Mainala currently works as a freelance content producer, director and editor, developing content for Zambia's first and only 24-hour news and documentary station. She strives to tell stories that challenge mindsets and market Africa to Africans.


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