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East Africa vs Southern Africa

Rhino mother and calf

* The table below does not list all features and highlights, only those that are relative strengths compared to the other option in the table.

* It is possible to combine destinations in East and Southern Africa, but this involves additional travel time and cost, including a city overnight (typically in Johannesburg or Nairobi).

East Africa
Southern Africa
* The wildebeest / zebra "great migration" across the Serengeti and Maasai Mara * Low tourist volumes and privacy - the top wildlife areas are private reserves with limited guests and maximum activity flexibility
* Villages close to safari areas make it easy to combine safari with cultural interaction * Major water features like the Okavango Delta and Zambezi River provide a diverse array of land and water safari activities
* Easy to combine safari with beach  * Easy to combine safari with Cape Town, Winelands, &/or Victoria Falls.
* Possibility of combining rainforest ecosystems (with primates) and savanna safari * Possibility of combining desert ecosystems and savanna safari
* Many traditional cultural groups, less Western influence * Multiple US flights, sophisticated infrastructure, easy travel destination (no shots or visas), geopolitically safe
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