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Comparison Within East Africa

Cheetah hunting

* The table below does not list all species, activities, and other highlights of any destination, only those that are relative strengths compared to the other options in the table.

* Destinations in East Africa are relatively easy to combine, with Nairobi, Arusha, and Kigali as hubs.


* Home to some of Africa's largest Parks and protected areas, with vast tracts of wilderness
* Lower tourist volumes than other East African savanna destinations
* Parks in the north and south are complementary, with water activities in Selous
* Double migration season on the Serengeti (June to October and January to March)
* Zanzibar provides a world class beach experience, easy to combine with safari
* Africa's largest lion population


* Relatively developed infrastructure, direct US flights, good connections to other African destinations. Easy travel logistics.
* Luxury lodgings, sophisticated service, family-friendly safaris
* Parks both north and south of the equator with interesting species differences
* Mild climate, absence of tsetse flies - comfortable safari destination
* Diverse spectrum of cultural groups living traditional lifestyles in close proximity to safari areas - Maasai, Samburu, Pokot, etc.
* East Africa's largest rhino population


* Best destination in Africa for seeing gorillas - Volcanoes Park
* Savanna wildlife (including the "Big Five") and aquatic species in Akagera Park. Easy to combine rainforest and savanna ecosystems in one country
* Nyungwe Park is central Africa's most pristine forest, home to chimps and other primates
* High-end destination with exclusivity and luxury lodging
* All destinations above 7,000' makes for mild climate
* Amazing post-genocide recovery story



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