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Comparison Within Luxury Tented (Southern Africa)

Luxury safari camp - Comparison Between Luxury Tented | Luxury African Safari Vacations | Classic Africa

* The table below does not list all species, activities, and other highlights of any destination, only those that are relative strengths compared to the other options in the table.

* Destinations in Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe combine fairly easily, with Victoria Falls being the hub that links all three. Namibia combines most easily with South Africa.


* Most exclusive safari destination in Africa - largest private concessions, smallest camps, fewest people and vehicles
* Lions (large prides, physically impressive specimens) and elephants (large herds and high population density)
* Offers combination of wildlife (highlight) and desert experience
* Natural wonders include Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Pans
* Safari areas are relatively close together and easy to combine
* Year round safari destination. Established safari industry, highly organized and professionally managed


* Most stringent qualification process for guides
* Focus on interactive/adventurous activities, especially walking and canoeing

* System of private concessions, similar to Botswana
* Natural wonders include Victoria Falls and Lower Zambezi Valley
* Most cost competitive safari destination in southern Africa


* Three major eco-systems, each completely different
* Transition zone between southern and east Africa, with numerous interesting and unique subspecies
* Focus on interactive/adventurous activities, especially walking and canoeing
* Natural wonders include Victoria Falls and Lower Zambezi Valley


* Dramatic landscapes and breath-taking scenery - the oldest (and most scenic) desert in the world
* Some of Africa's most remote safari camps (e.g. Kaokaveld)
* Desert adapted wildlife species, including elephant, rhino, lion, and cheetah
* Highly traditional Himba cultural group in Kaokaveld
* Natural wonders include Sossusvlei and the Skeleton Coast
* Offers combination of desert (highlight) and wildlife experience



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