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Sole from New York

June - South Africa and Botswana


Equipment wise I used a Canon 50d, most of the time with a 100-400 zoom, which I had on a monopod as it's rather heavy. I also brought a wide angle 10-22 lens and an 18-200 zoom lens. I shot mostly in AV setting, tried to keep my ISO in the 200-400 range light permitting (my zoom lens was not so fast so I in early morning/late evening it was a bit challenging to get the right shutter speeds for action shots), and sometimes when I was feeling lazy I used the sport setting for action shots, especially midday area when I knew the camera wouldn't just raise the ISO too high. My best advice is know your camera well before you go, and bring the manual anyway. I brought my laptop too to check what I was doing as I went as it's not so easy to see on the LCD screen.

It's interesting you put in that wildebeest shot - Peter drove into a crater in the plains, so we could photograph the animals at ground level - was very cool and different!


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