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Happy Anniversary Asilia Africa: Featuring Sayari Camp




Asilia Africa's flagship Tanzanian camp, Sayari, will be renovated this year in celebration of the company's 15th anniversary. The camp closed its doors on January 21st and will re-open on June 1st, in time for the annual wildebeest crossings of the Mara River.


 Sayari began as a traditional mobile camp, moving north to south through the Serengeti, following the journey of the Great Migration. In 2009, it became the first permanent camp to put down roots in the northern Serengeti, an area that was plagued by poaching, impacting both the migratory herds and the resident wildlife. The arrival of the permanent camp secured the long-term conservation of this area of the park and created employment opportunities for the communities living on the park's boundary.


 Since then, Sayari has played a pivotal role in creating a conservation economy in the northern Serengeti. The camp is entirely Tanzanian-run and 80% of its 55 staff members are from local communities. To date, Sayari has donated $121,500 to assist the local anti-poaching canine-tracker project. In addition, Asilia has been carbon neutral since 2009 and the company continues to develop practical ways to further reduce their eco-footprint. As such, the new Sayari will feature the installation of the world's first solar-powered microbrewery in the bush! The brewery will create beer, purified water and soft drinks on-site, removing the need for plastic bottles and aluminum cans – all while creating exceptional craft beefs for sundowner cocktails.

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