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Night Rides on Elephants


Camp Jabulani, Kapama Reserve, South Africa, features a unique experience offered nowhere else in Africa – a night safari on elephant back, in "Big Five" country! Meandering under the inky star-studded sky riders will discover the sights, smells and sounds of nocturnal Africa using hand-held battery-powered spotlights. After their ride guests have the opportunity to escort the elephants to their stables, witnessing the friendly bond between the animals and their tenders. 


One of the animals that may be ridden is Lundi who joined the Jabulani herd in 2002. She is second in line to the matriarch, and acts as herd disciplinarian - although she is very caring toward her calf Mambo and the younger elephants. Lundi was raised in captivity after being orphaned due to a controversial culling operation that took place in Zimbabwe in the 1980s. It was at this early stage in her life that she was taken to a farm where she was trained for elephant back safaris. The farm was appropriated by the Zimbabwe government, which endangered the elephants and a massive rescue operation was launched to remove the mammals to South Africa. Lundi arrived at Camp Jabulani and assimilated perfectly into the herd, where she continues to thrive. Elephant manager Tigere is one of Lundi's biggest fans and says "Lundi is destined to be one of the greatest elephants that ever lived. She's very affectionate and usually shows appreciation by hugging you with her massive heavy trunk".

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