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Rorkes Drift to Brecon - Two Bikes, One Landcruiser and an Artifact


In the late David Rattray's words: "without education there is no hope, and without hope there is no future". To that end, the David Rattray Foundation is currently committed to building pre-primary schools and has just completed one at Rorke's Drift.  To raise money for the foundation Nicky and David's son Peter Rattray has recently embarked with two friends on the adventure of a lifetime– travelling on a motorbike from Rorke's Drift, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, to Brecon, Wales, United Kingdom. Follow their progress here, as they journey through South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and then by boat to Europe – Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Ireland and finally, Brecon.

The route was chosen to follow the footsteps of the  Royal Welsh (South Wales Borderers, Royal Regiment of Wales) that fought so bravely at Rorke's Drift and Fugitive's Drift during the Anglo-Zulu war. "I noticed that our proposed route was travelling through numerous countries where the Regiment saw action and thought, 'What about a pilgrimage to Brecon?' My father, David Rattray, talked about Brecon every day of his life and it will be a great connection with him for me to be able to go there. I have always wanted to see the Regimental Colours hanging in the Brecon Cathedral, visit the Museum and see the plaque the Regiment erected there in memory of my father." As such, a pilgrimage to Brecon was decided upon. In honor of his father Peter is carrying a Zulu War spear from David Rattray's personal collection to be presented to the Brecon Museum. The Zulu assegai or "iklwa", as it is properly known, was a weapon perfected by King Shaka of the Zulus who rose to power in 1816. With his mighty impi's armed with iklwa's, King Shaka carved out the greatest sub-Saharan empire ever to exist. The weapon takes its name from the noise that it makes when it is withdrawn from the body of the victim.


It is impossible to know if this particular weapon was carried at the battles of Rorke's Drift or Isandlwana, the focus of the gripping tales imparted at Fugitive's Drift Lodge, but chances are high that the weapon was carried in action.



We wish Peter and his friends safe travels and happy adventures on their exciting and philanthropic journey. 

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