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Pierre's 2015 Safari

All the superlatives used to describe the beauty of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem and the spectacle of the Great Migration are true - it is an exquisite place and an awe-inspiring phenomenon! Three things stand out relative to other safari experiences: the majestic scenery, the volume of plains game, and the over-abundance of predators (particularly lions, hyenas, and crocodiles). It is this volatile mix that sets the scene for a drama of epic proportions, and an emotional disconnect between the idyllic setting and the brutality of what takes place in this "Garden of Eden" - an estimated 250,000 herbivores die during the course of a single year's migration. This is nature in all its raw beauty!

No image or video clip can ever capture the exhiliration of standing in a vast grass plain, surrounded in a 360 degree arc by hundreds of thousands of wild animals, or the profound sadness of watching a loan wildebeest struggle against a giant crocodile for nearly an hour before finally succumbing. The photos and video below provide just a glimpse of one of the greatest natural pageants to grace our planet.



Camera bodies:

Canon 1Dx
Canon 5dMkIII


200-400mm (f/4.0) USM
24-105mm (f/4.0) USM


Gitzo GH2780TQR travel tripod
Lowepro Vertex 300AW camera bag
Hahnel Giga T Pro II (remote shutter release)
Two batteries per camera


Tiffen Circular Polarizer
Tiffen Graduated Neutral Density (ND.6)
Singh-Ray Variable Neutral Density


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