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Why Africa's Summer is a Great Time to Safari!



As discerning travelers increasingly become conscious of avoiding the Northern Hemisphere's peak demand travel months (June through September), it is worth remembering that the African summer (our winter) is a fantastic time to be on safari.





 Brief afternoon thunderstorms transform the landscape from a dry, dusty brown to a vivid, lush green, with splashes of color from blossoming flowers, and clear, brilliant light. Migrant avian species from all corners of the northern hemisphere fly south to Africa, their vibrant breeding plumage further adding to the spectacle.





In both East and southern Africa the abundance of water and grazing makes this the perfect time for many mammals to spawn their young. Trains of warthog piglets can be seen scampering through the bush, baby impalas are up and running within 30 minutes of birth, zebra foals taking their first steps, and baby elephants struggling to gain control of their trunks.




The season's dramatic skies with dark storm clouds and bursts of light breaking through, the first rainfalls dispelling the dust of dry season, and a lush green landscape, all create a perfect backdrop for winning photographs. Despite all these many advantages, because of lower demand from the USA and Europe, rates are often lower (sometimes significantly), and camps are less busy, meaning staff that are even more attentive, and there are possibilities for additional perks like private guides and safari vehicles. 


Email us at for more information if you have the flexibility to travel during the Northern Hemisphere winter and spring, and would like to take advantage of the incredible value that this timeframe represents for an unforgettable African safari.

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