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New US Travel Requirements




In line with the US government's efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 while vaccination accelerates, the CDC has issued orders that place new requirements on travelers entering the United States.

Firstly, a travel ban on non-citizens has been re-instated on 26 European nations, as well as the UK and Ireland, and South Africa and Brazil have been added to the list. The order does not pertain to US citizens, who may continue to travel to and from these destinations.


Secondly, all travelers flying to the USA from any destination in the world (including citizens) will be required to be tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of their flight to the USA. This has become quite a common entry requirement around the world - e.g. all the countries of "safari Africa" already require this – and testing facilities are fortunately easily accessible across "safari Africa". In some areas it is even possible to be tested at your safari camp, and receive the results in time for your flight home!


It's important to note that testing requirements and entry restrictions are dynamic, and will change in response to the course of the pandemic, as well as global vaccination efforts. The Seychelles recently announced that it will accept proof of vaccination in lieu of testing for entry into the country – as vaccination accelerates and becomes more widespread, it is hoped that this will become more common; testing technology and capacity are also continually improving, which will make it easier and easier to meet any remaining testing requirements. We're optimistic that the steps being taken now, while creating short-term inconvenience, will bear fruit in the coming months, and that the travel landscape will be very different by the summer.

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