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Conservation Through Education 2020




The start of a new year is an exciting time for us at Classic Africa as we outline priorities for our "Conservation Through Education" efforts for the year ahead. Since Classic Africa's inception, it has always been our goal to contribute to conversation and community upliftment in the areas where we operate, both through our choice of partners and our own direct actions. Over twenty years it has become apparent to us that research and educational opportunities for the next generation of rural leaders are key to solving most of the challenges that face Africa's wilderness and wild places, hence our focus on "Conservation Through Education".


For 2020 we will continue to support school children in Zimbabwe (Ngamo village) with full scholarships; one of our students of the past few years passed the entrance exams for a top boarding school that offers A Levels, and we will be proud to continue to sponsor through this next exciting phase of his education (only a very small percentage of Zimbabwe children achieve A Levels). The Zimbabwean scholarship program has been so successful that we will be expanding it to Rwanda and Kenya for 2020, looking to provide educational opportunities to rural children who otherwise would have little option but to exploit the natural resources around them.


Additionally, we will be supporting a research/conservation project in northern Botswana to study and mitigate the challenges of lion-human conflict. Few in the west can appreciate the difficulties of eking out a living as a subsistence farmer in the presence of such deadly predators, but researchers on the CLAWS Conservancy are working with the local community and using cutting edge technology to promote coexistence. And our decade-long support of the remote and beautiful Busanga Plains in Zambia's Kafue National Park will continue, in the form of supplying anti-poaching units with GPS technology. With no safari presence for six months of the year, the abundant wildlife of Busanga is highly vulnerable to poaching, and the "Bee-eater" anti-poaching team is essential to maintain the impressive wildlife recovery that has been ongoing for ten years now.

East Africa's First All-Female Anti-Poaching Unit
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