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Birds of southern Africa

Lilac breasted roller - Birds of southern Africa | Southern African Safaris | Classic Africa

Very few travelers arrive on safari with bird watching as a priority (some even declare their vehement opposition to time "wasted" looking for birds), but most quickly realize the extent to which birds enhance the beauty, and add to the overall enjoyment of the safari experience: it's hard not to be struck by the majesty of an African fish eagle, to be dazzled by the colors of a Lilac-breasted roller, or to be titillated by tales of the African jacana's promiscuity. While it may not be your focus, keep an open mind and take full advantage of the incredible bonus that southern Africa's bountiful bird life represents.

For serious bird watchers, Southern Africa is rapidly developing a reputation as one of the world's premier birding destinations. With over 900 species of bird, the region offers a greater variety than America and Canada combined, in an area roughly 1/3 the size of the USA. Furthermore, 134 of these species are endemic, being found nowhere else on earth. Other attractive features include outstanding guides (drawn from a pool over around 10,000 resident bird watching enthusiasts), excellent accessibility to all the birding "hotspots", and a wealth of literature on the region's many feathered species. Oh, and there's also some pretty remarkable mammal viewing as a convenient sideshow ...

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