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Celebrating Earth Day



Earth Day is an annual event that takes place each April 22nd  to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held in 1970, it has grown to include a wide range of events coordinated globally by The official theme for 2023 was "Invest in Our Planet."




Tourism represents just such an investment. A safari can have a significant positive impact on both conservation and communities alike, especially when travelling within the ecotourism model. Tourism boosts the revenue of the local economy and creates thousands of jobs. According to the African Development Bank, over 20 million people across Africa are employed in the tourism industry. In addition, governments seek to maintain the condition of areas that are visited by tourists and thus tourism contributes to the improvement and maintenance of local infrastructure.



Safaris and tourism also have the social advantage of creating a sense of pride in local communities for their traditions and way of life, as they see their culture being celebrated by tourists when they visit. One of the most commonly noted positive impacts of tourism is an increase in awareness for the environment. Tourism often involves educating visitors and shows the incredible need for the environment and why we must protect it.



While the planet is resilient, the more seriously we take the messages of Earth Day and protect biodiversity, the grasslands, oceans and forests, our air and water, the longer we can extend our stay here. Keep travelling – Africa needs you!

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