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Conservation News



Loisaba Conservancy To Become Kenya's Newest Rhino Sanctuary

Loisaba Conservancy was recently granted permission by the Kenya Wildlife Service to establish Kenya's newest Rhino Sanctuary. Thanks to this new agreement, the team at Loisaba Conservancy will now be able to reintroduce Eastern Black Rhino to an area where they previously roamed. For a half century, rhinos were absent from Loisaba due to poaching in the early 1970's. Now, after 50 years, the return of this megafauna represents a huge conservation win for Loisaba Conservancy and future guests of Loisaba Tented CampLoisaba Star Beds and Loisaba Lodo Springs who may experience black rhino sightings.


In other news, Loisaba has also just taken a lead role in rolling out SMART, the Special Monitoring and Reporting Tool which measures wildlife numbers and patrol efforts across the county's landscape. Loisaba started using the ground-breaking tool in 2017 and has been refining it and training other conservancies in the area to utilize it. The open source, non-proprietary, and freely available innovative software is designed to assist rangers on the ground with their efforts to stop poachers and the illegal trade of wildlife. For Loisaba, it has proven useful in measuring, evaluating and improving efficiencies of wildlife law enforcement patrols and site-based conservation activities, in addition to curbing unlawful grazing and ending poaching and illegal wildlife trading.


 Crop Protection Kits Prove Successful Once Again in Randilen

Harvest time has arrived in Tanzania and farmers in the communities surrounding the Randilen Wildlife Management Area (WMA) have reported that their crop protection kits are a success! As a thank you to the WMA for their support in providing the valuable toolkits, the farmers collectively offered 12 sacks of grain to the WMA rangers.


 The crop protection teams also held an end-of-season meeting to exchange best practices, ideas and challenges in order to improve the crop protection plan for next year. The crop protection toolkits are a solid testament to how communities are able to coexist with wildlife in a harmonious way.




Increase in Botswana's Rhino Population

Over the past few months there has been a lot of anecdotal evidence of increased poaching activity in many of Africa's wildlife areas, and it stands to reason: without safari vehicles out on game drive, poachers can more easily slip in undetected, and carry out their nefarious deeds.

 In a first sign of hope, however, Rhinos Without Borders just announced that the population of 100 rhinos that they reintroduced into Botswana' Okavango Delta prior to the pandemic has grown to 121. This takes into account new births as well as deaths (natural causes as well as poaching), and suggests that the Herculean anti-poaching efforts by various stakeholders are producing results better than most conservationists could have hoped for!


To celebrate this good news, as well as Botswana's reopening to tourism, Dereck and Beverly Joubert (National Geographic photographers and film-makers) announced the release of their latest book, "Rhinos Without Borders, Chasing the Blood Moon." A portion of all proceeds from books purchased here will go towards rhino conservation.

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