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Extraordinary Sighting: Duba Lions vs. Crocodile, Okavango Delta, Botswana


Duba Plains' lion-buffalo interactions are justly world-famous, but recently one of these took a bizarre twist. The Skimmer Pride (3 lionesses with five young cubs) was enjoying a downed buffalo, when several crocodiles approached, attracted by the smell of the carcass. One of the adult crocodiles emerged from the water and walked confidently toward the remains. A lioness immediately responded, growling and hissing at the crocodile. The interloper was undeterred and continued forward, unexpectedly lunging at one of the nearby lion cubs en route. This brazen act caused an immediate eruption of lioness aggression with all three lionesses attacking the crocodile.

As one lioness approached from the front, the crocodile lunged at her, allowing the two others to attack the base of its tail. The reptile writhed and twisted backwards to attack his assailants. Its muzzle was seized and, in a cooperative effort, the lionesses overpowered the large crocodile and began feeding on it. Quite a battle between two extremely powerful predators and proof of the opportunistic instinct of both species!

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