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Author Nancy Napier - "Lessons from the African Bush"What could managers in the USA learn from lions, Cape buffalo and warthogs? Perhaps more than one might think. Nancy Napier travelled with Classic Africa in May 2011. By profession, Nancy is a Professor of International Business at Boise State University who has published five books, and makes regular appearances on television as well as Boise State Public Radio (NPR affiliate, 91.5). She returned from her safari to present her Africa-inspired wisdom and perspective with a weeklong NPR series called "Lessons from the African Bush." Topics include: Cull the weak to save the herd; Save energy, be opportunistic; Communicate, communicate; Stay alert; and Management in the African bush. Nancy also did a television segment on KTBV called "Lessons from the African Plains." Nancy takes a multidisciplinary approach to creativity in the workplace and explores how lessons from one field (e.g., dance or health information) can help people in another field (e.g., American football, software) excel. Africa's highly competitive eco-system provided fecund inspiration for Nancy's teachings on creativity and innovation. Click here to watch "Lessons from the African Plains", hear Nancy's podcasts, and see some of her photos.

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